Each cake is made with the highest quality fresh ingredients and hand-decorated. Therefore, it looks like a work of art and tastes just like homemade. We can prepare a delicious cake to order in Kyiv, making all your wishes come true.

Cake “Strawberry”

1000 g


Cake “Carrot and Nut”

1000 g


Cake “Fruit and berry”

1500 g


Cake “Napoleon with hazelnut praline”

1650 g


Cake “Anna Pavlova”

1100 g


Cake “Kyiv”

1000 g


Cake “Cherry in chocolate cake”

1600 g


We have been making custom-made cakes for many years and we know how to please the client. We will prepare your favorite cakes according to our signature recipes. If you have a sweet tooth you will love the legendary French “Napoleon”, authentic “Kyiv cake” with chocolate butter cream and hazelnuts, or the heady “Cherry in chocolate” with the aroma of summer and amaretto. Fans of light desserts will love the Fruit and Berry cake made on the basis of biscuit, cream cheese and fruit, as well as the Strawberry cake with Philadelphia cheese cream and strawberry puree.
Our delicacies are not only tasty, but healthy – they contain only high-quality products and no flavors or preservatives.
A cake from our home bakery will be a festive table decoration, as well as an ideal gift for March 8, February 14 or Birthday. We can prepare any dessert, fulfilling your wildest wishes, exquisitely decorate it and deliver it to any address. A beautiful, tasty and healthy cake with delivery, what could be better?