A set of mini cheesecakes will allow you not to choose between exquisite tastes, but to taste all the best at once. Ideal for a large company or as an addition to the main dessert.

Set of mini cheesecakes, 6 pcs

660 g


A set of mini cheesecakes will help you arrange a real cheesecake tasting and choose the best flavor. And then you can order a large copy of the most delicious cake. Each cheesecake is based on shortbread dough and delicate cream cheese soufflé. Each set contains a classic American New York cheesecake, the very real cheesecake, and exquisite variations on the theme: from the usual chocolate and caramel to pistachio.
Mini cheesecakes are perfect for a get-together with friends, a party, or as a sweet gift for Valentine’s Day or March 8th. Light, not too sweet and exquisitely decorated cakes will decorate any buffet table or candy bar. These are natural eco-sweets that give a true gourmet pleasure.
We prepare each cake without the use of preservatives and flavorings, decorate by hand and quickly deliver to your preferred address.