Cake «Pavlova» red
Cake «Pavlova» red
Cake «Pavlova» red

Cake «Pavlova» red


“Pavlova” meringue cake is the perfect execution of a well-known recipe. Created as an ode to the grace and lightness of a ballerina’s dance, this dessert simply melts in your mouth. Imagine a crispy meringue topped with a cloud of whipped cream and delicate mascarpone, and the center filled with a fragrant berry ball of stewed blueberries and raspberries. This isn’t just the perfect party cake, it’s a sweet poem about the art of dance.

An exquisite dessert in the shape of a red rose, it`s not only looks beautiful, but has an amazing taste, because it`s made exclusively from natural high-quality products and does not contain preservatives, flavor enhancers, margarine, or palm oil.

If you are looking for a special cake for a gift, you simply can`t find a better one. This dessert will add atmosphere to any event and is guaranteed to please the most demanding guests.


Ingredients: egg white, sugar, vanilla sugar, raspberries, blueberries, citric acid, cream cheese, cream, cocoa butter, white chocolate, gelatin, natural food coloring, candurin gold

Proteins: 2,8
Fat: 23,81
Carbohydrates: 29,19
Kcal per 100 g: 342,28
Weight: 1100 g