Cheesecake «Basque»
Cheesecake «Basque»

Cheesecake «Basque»


The place where the Spanish mountains meet the Atlantic Ocean there is the impregnable Basque Country – the region where proud tanned people live with a non-standard outlook on the world around them. With the same perspective, they looked at the familiar cheesecake and decided that it needed to be prepared differently. More accurately, there was one person, the Basque chef Santiago Rivera, who decided to reinvent the dessert. As a result, it rapidly conquered all the fashionable cafes of the world.

Basque cheesecake has a boldly toasted crust on top and a delicate, almost fluid, creamy texture on the inside. We take fresh quail eggs, cream cheese, add flour, sugar, salt, and then the magic begins. And it is all done for you to try this delicious miracle!

Composition: cream cheese, cream, sugar, eggs and egg products, wheat flour, vanilla extract, salt.

Proteins: 6.2 g
Fat: 18.8 g
Carbohydrates: 47.7 g
Kcal per 100 g: 143.6
Weight: 1000 g