Quiche «Lorraine»
Quiche «Lorraine»

Quiche «Lorraine»


Do you want to know what France tastes like? Then the famous author’s cake made by us is just what you need. Smoked brisket with creamy egg custard with allspice and nutmeg will instantly portal you to Paris. No need to buy tickets or wait in long airport security lines. The cream cheese, delicate green peas, and healthy microgreen will make your gastronomic journey taste like a carefree springtime. And after the treat, with the enjoyable aftertaste, you will stay in the dreamland for a while.


Composition: flour, eggs, animal cream 30%, butter cream, hard cheese, turkey meat, salt, pepper.

Proteins: 12.6 g
Fat: 27.8 g
Carbohydrates: 16.4 g
Kcal per 100 g: 348.6
Weight: 1000 g