Set of small hearts, 6 pcs

Set of small hearts, 6 pcs


What should you choose? Exotic Mango Passion Fruit Cheesecake or Romantic Blueberry Elderberry? Or maybe take a Strawberry Cheesecake? No need to choose! You can take everything at once. That is why there is a set of six mini cheesecakes in the form of hearts. More flavors, less doubt. Each cheesecake is the perfect sponge cake, crispy almond and coconut biscuits, a delicate creamy and fruity filling, and a soft velour finish.

We do not bake heart cheesecakes, we cook them cold, so they softly taste mousse, but look luxuriously festive.

Strawberry heart cheesecake:
Strawberry puree, cream cheese, sugar, water, cream, strawberry yogurt, eggs and egg products, wheat flour, gelatin, pectin, vanillin, white chocolate, cocoa butter, dye
Elderberry Cheesecake:
Blueberry puree, beet sugar, water, animal cream, mascarpone, eggs and egg products, elderberry, gelatin, wheat flour, pectin, cocoa, white chocolate, cocoa butter, vanillin, dye.
Passion mango cheesecake:
Milk, animal cream, beet sugar, eggs and egg products, white chocolate, butter, mango puree, mascarpone, passion fruit puree, water, wheat flour, gelatin, banana puree, potato starch, cocoa butter, pectin, vanillin.
Cookies: egg products, coconut flakes, beet sugar, almond petals.

Proteins: 5.04
Weight: 600 g
Fat: 15.19
Kcal per 100 g: 262.54
Carbohydrates: 34.53