Set of small hearts, 12 items

Set of small hearts, 12 items


Throw a party right here and now with a set of twelve cold heart-shaped mini cheesecakes. You no longer need to think about what to buy tasty for the festive table, so much to please all the participants of the feast.

The set consists of original Blueberry-Elderberry cheesecakes, bright strawberry desserts with a delicate taste and light sourness, and exotic Mango-Passion Fruit cheesecakes, which will take you from cold Kiev to the sea coast, where palm trees, sand and tropical fruits.
Each cheesecake is handcrafted with creamy mascarpone cheese, white chocolate, and fruit, perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

You can make mini cheesecakes as the main dessert, or you can add them to the cake or present them as a gift for February 14 or March 8. The pleasure is guaranteed!

Strawberry heart cheesecake:
Strawberry puree, cream cheese, sugar, water, cream, strawberry yogurt, eggs and egg products, wheat flour, gelatin, pectin, vanillin, white chocolate, cocoa butter, dye
Elderberry Cheesecake:
Blueberry puree, beet sugar, water, animal cream, mascarpone, eggs and egg products, elderberry, gelatin, wheat flour, pectin, cocoa, white chocolate, cocoa butter, vanillin, dye.
Passion mango cheesecake:
Milk, animal cream, beet sugar, eggs and egg products, white chocolate, butter, mango puree, mascarpone, passion fruit puree, water, wheat flour, gelatin, banana puree, potato starch, cocoa butter, pectin, vanillin.
Cookies: egg products, coconut flakes, beet sugar, almond petals.

Proteins: 5.04
Weight: 1200 g
Fat: 15.19
Kcal per 100 g: 262.54
Carbohydrates: 34.53