Cheesecake «Strawberry Heart»
Cheesecake «Strawberry Heart»
Cheesecake «Strawberry Heart»

Cheesecake «Strawberry Heart»


Even the most dedicated adherents of healthy eating want something sweet. What can be done in order not to betray either ideals or desires? The answer is: choose a cold-cooked “Strawberry Heart” cheesecake.

American dessert has never been so easy and healthy. We blended puffed cream cheese, aromatic strawberry puree, and yogurt with chia seeds, using puffed biscuit as the base. The result is a sophisticated masterpiece with a rich taste and low carbohydrate content. This cheesecake will decorate your most weekday and become an exquisite treat or an original gift for February 14 or March 8. This is a gift that will show the depth of your feelings and purity of intentions.

Our desserts are free of colorings, flavor enhancers, preservatives, or margarine. There are only fresh natural products and our love.


Composition: strawberry puree, cream cheese, sugar, water, cream, strawberry yogurt, eggs, wheat flour, gelatin, pectin, vanillin, white chocolate, coconut butter, dye.

Biscuits: coconut flakes, sugar, egg products, almond petals.

Proteins: 5.9 g
Fat: 16 g
Carbohydrates: 32.6 g
Kcal per 100 g: 302.2
Weight: 800 g